Now available Getting Behaviour Right: A Practical Guide for Teachers by Pete Hrekow and Paul Howard, published 2014

It contains a wealth of practical advice and provides answers to a wide range of questions and concerns raised by real teachers working in real classrooms in today’s pressured school environments.

The guide is primarily designed as a quick reference for busy teachers, although it can be read from cover-to-cover, if required. If you only have one book in the staffroom to help teachers better manage pupil behaviour, then it must be this one.

Only available in pdf format £9.99

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Pastoral Care in Education says that "this is a terrific resource for busy professionals. It does what it claims; offers highly practical ways of getting the best out of relationships in the day-to-day business of classrooms. The authors bring their own experience, and that of many other teachers into a very manageable short handbook to common – and not so common – behaviour issues.

Getting Behaviour Right will sit alongside the many other behaviour management publications that have been coming out for the past twenty years. This title is distinct partly because of the way in which it has been produced – the collective effort of classroom practitioners – and also in its efficient, simple presentation.

I can envisage that will be easy to reference and have around for its target audience; the class teacher.“